Take Shelter of the Sacred Sounds – Experience the Magical Benefits

Experience deep peace and happiness by laying down yourself on the magic carpet of these holy names. Meditating on these spiritual sounds will comfort us and have a purifying effect. From time to time we are hassled by material hankering, superficial desires and subtle miseries and needless to mention we seek shelter or a refuge which is long-lasting. In one word we seek peace and happiness.

One may come across all those attractive advertisements of happiness pursuits – and we should use our intelligence to know that they are material in essence and they can only provide temporary happiness.

No matter how much sensual pleasure people have, no matter how much they consume, they always want more. This endless personal craving manifests as ever increasing material consumption

Words of Wisdom by Jagad Guru Chris Butler

We desire for position, security, money, fame, love, care. But these when considered and sought in a material platform, it essentially comes as very flickering and uncertain. So the next question is there something that will make us happy and satisfied eternally. The answer to this is “yes”. We can only find eternal happiness if we can realize our true identity & position – which will further help us to understand our purpose of existence.

Simply listening to these of holy names, it will cleanse our hearts and wash away all fear & confusion. Gradually we can experience a sense of security – because these are the names of the Supreme Person and He is all Powerful; He is the ultimate shelter.

The beautiful visuals of the clouds clearing up the sky and the sun brightening aptly signify the clearing up the vision to see things and realize the truth. It also inspires us to seek the other dimension – different from material. The soft chanting of the names – ‘Gopala Govinda Rama’ by Jagad Guru easily harmonizes with the heart touching melody. This rare and amazing musical video is a wonderful piece to be created and found in this world.

Please listen to this and experience the contentment, happiness and joy in heart.

Thank You!