Profound Yoga Wisdom To Live Life Fearlessly

We all are naturally plagued by the thought of dying, the inner fear relative to aging and subsequently ending our life has a tight grip on our mind and hearts. Most of us are just clueless about our existence. We feel very helpless and start to search for a shelter. We don’t even know what will happen to our lives in the next moment. But friends, now we need not be worry, if we look back to the ancient teachings of yoga – “Aham Brahmasmi”, we come to know that we are eternal, we are not going to die, even if our body ceases. We are ever youthful and ever existing.

Alive Forever is undoubtedly a beautiful song which has been performed and written by internationally-renowned yoga icon Wai Lana. “Alive Forever” emphasizes the ancient teachings of yoga indicated as Aham Brahmasmi meaning, “I am the eternal spiritual being, I am not the body or the mind”, and the real self will not die with my body. As we listen to the lyrics sung by Wai Lana herself; we are enchanted to a new consciousness. We get to know the idea behind the real existence of ourselves and the reason to be fearless of aging and death. It’s a natural tendency to have fear of dying and leaving behind everything we have earned and endeavored. This musical presentation is more than just a song for International Yoga Day celebration. The core message is deep and enlightening. It solves our fear and removes confusions about our very existence and we at least reach a stage of relief. This understanding about the truth of life comes from teachings of yoga that – I am not subjected to death and when my body will perish by any disease, calamity or age, I will not perish.

The song progress with the lines, “Don’t be afraid of getting old, the true self is ever youthful and everlasting”.

We can be relaxed and focus on our well being to live our life and not worry of the ceasing of the body. Observing keenly on this movie and heart touching lyrics, we get the genuine information from shastras or Yoga scriptures that we are eternal living beings or spiritual beings.

Now we need not be afraid of getting old, as the actual self is ever-lasting and ever-young. Two thousand years ago, Emperor Qin became popular for developing the Great Wall of China, using millions of men to build it. He was recognized as very knowledgeable in his kingdom, with all the success and power he couldn’t keep thinking about one day having to leave all behind.

For many years the king led on huge missions, engaged plenty of servants in the search for an elixir that would give him everlasting lifestyle, so he could live permanently in his empire. None of us want to face the event called death or a so called end to our living life or existence. We may be wealthy or inadequate, knowledgeable or illiterate, big or small, fair or black…. We all have in typical this natural wish to be Eternal or Alive Forever. That is because each one of us is an everlasting spiritual being, just momentarily living in these complicated body system.

Wailana - true self is eternal and alive forever

Wai Lana heartily tries to spread this important teaching of yoga to everyone and we must capture the core message of this song. It truly helps to wash away the inner fears. You will be refreshed every time you hear it.

This relaxing, remarkable, and wonderfully taken video is more than just a film. It’s a film about our life, about our relationship with this world, about our purpose of living, about our consciousness. Basically this can be categorized as fear removal video. This video by Wai Lana addresses about the most common and natural fear of death and aging. It helps us to ascend the ladders to positivity and clean conclusions about the meaning and purpose of life. All the materials of the ambiance and the paraphernalia are carefully chosen and each has a special meaning. She is dressed with flower wreaths, beautiful apparels and the magnificent location adds immense charm to the whole movie. All are so beautifully arranged to deliver a wholesome lively experience to connect our practical day to day life. It directly penetrates the consciousness and builds a strong faith to live life and leave behind the worries of aging and the apparent death situations that may come one day. See some behind the scenes clips to get more insights about the making of the video below..

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Thank You, Namaste