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An Attempt to Know the Identity and the Purpose of Existence

Please listen to this enlightening video discourse on our real identity.  It is an eye opener to those serious individuals who all are in the search of their true identity, who want to know about themselves and want to make true progress in lives.

These short practical tips explained by Jagad Guru Chris Butler elucidates that we are not the material body. It eradicates the wrong idea about us that is deeply seated till now. We often identify ourselves as the ‘body’ or some bodily labels viz: ‘white’, ‘black’, ‘rich’, ‘American’, ‘Indian’, ‘male’, ‘female’ and so on.

Even if for a while we consider that we are the body, so when we lose a part of the body in some accidents or war, we should feel as incomplete or have become half of ourselves as compared to our previous existence. In reality, we still feel the same person as before, even if we lose a limb or any body part, we still operate the same way, we have the same remembrance, we have the same relations, we have the same desires – in other words, we feel the same whole person as before.


But sadly those of us identifying them as the body, it will disturb the relations and perceptive dealings with them, if someone loses one arm or leg, people also start to treat them as abnormal and that further discourages the subject person and he superficially starts thinking that yes I have lost some possessions – I am incomplete. This is not true. But this video is a blessing to defend this idea that even we lose some part of the body, we do not lack the same personality or the same completeness that we possessed before.

We are continuously changing the body from a kid’s body to young body and again to an adult body and then to an old body and so on – but we are still the same person. So there is a constant factor which is unchanging and strongly attributes to the idea that “we are not the body”. This is the eternal spirit soul, which is temporarily residing in this material body. So it is the body that depends upon the soul to exist, when the soul leaves the body then the latter disintegrates and is useless.

Watch this series of self-discovery to discover your true ‘self’.

Thank You!