Profound Yoga Wisdom To Live Life Fearlessly

We all are naturally plagued by the thought of dying, the inner fear relative to aging and subsequently ending our life has a tight grip on our mind and hearts. Most of us are just clueless about our existence. We feel very helpless and start to search for a shelter. We don’t even know what will happen […]

Enjoying & Happiness

I drove past a church today and saw their slogan for the week: It is not material things but enjoying that brings happiness.   Oh dear! If it had read, it is not material things but love that brings happiness I would have applauded them. Love is the natural state of the soul, the living entity, […]

Lending a Helping Hand – Lets Make a Difference

This article is about how we can help the things and people around us without spending so much of time and money. It really needs a simple caring heart for that. We travel to our workplace, we do shopping, we go on vacation, we enjoy life, we plan for future, In the midst of everything […]