Nature: The Healer & Energy Provider to Support Life

In our busy life where everyone is on the go, it is often easy to get wrapped up in our own world and not take the time to think about, what nature provides to each of us. Indeed, there is a true healing power of nature. But nature is more than just a temporary lift […]

Loneliness & Isolation Is A Bigger Killer Than Diabetes & Smoking

Most of us will go through periods when we feel a little lonely every now and again, such as when loved ones go out of the town for a few weeks, or the kids leave the nest. For many people going through this phase, the feelings will pass quite quickly, as they find other social […]

Be Spiritually Healthy and Happy With Yoga Meditation

There are many different types of meditation practiced in the world today. Often people practice meditation to achieve benefits such as stress reduction, increased mental clarity and concentration, better sleep, easement of anxiety and depression, improved immune system and energy levels, reduced blood pressure, and so on. It is widely accepted that the regular practice […]

Profound Yoga Wisdom To Live Life Fearlessly

We all are naturally plagued by the thought of dying, the inner fear relative to aging and subsequently ending our life has a tight grip on our mind and hearts. Most of us are just clueless about our existence. We feel very helpless and start to search for a shelter. We don’t even know what will happen […]

Enjoying & Happiness

I drove past a church today and saw their slogan for the week: It is not material things but enjoying that brings happiness.  Oh dear! If it had read, it is not material things but love that brings happiness I would have applauded them. Love is the natural state of the soul, the living entity, […]

Lending a Helping Hand – Lets Make a Difference

This article is about how we can help the things and people around us without spending so much of time and money. It really needs a simple caring heart for that. We travel to our workplace, we do shopping, we go on vacation, we enjoy life, we plan for future, In the midst of everything […]

An Attempt to Know the Identity and the Purpose of Existence

Please listen to this enlightening video discourse on our real identity.  It is an eye opener to those serious individuals who all are in the search of their true identity, who want to know about themselves and want to make true progress in lives. These short practical tips explained by Jagad Guru Chris Butler elucidates that we […]

Take Shelter of the Sacred Sounds – Experience the Magical Benefits

Experience deep peace and happiness by laying down yourself on the magic carpet of these holy names. Meditating on these spiritual sounds will comfort us and have a purifying effect. From time to time we are hassled by material hankering, superficial desires and subtle miseries and needless to mention we seek shelter or a refuge […]